Its round, very light and acoustically engineered for big harmonic sound. It has the acoustics of a carefully constructed guitar. That is the main difference from other kalimbas on the market, including the Hugh Tracey Alto. And by that i mean that it has clear, string/piano/bell like sound with good harmonic sustain. And surprising volume and resonance for its size, due to the truly resonant carefully calculated and constructed body and tines.

The first thing people say when they struck the tines is: “Wow, its alive”

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The physical dimensions are OD ~ 20cm , Height of the body ~ 40mm , weight ~ 280g or less . That means it would be comfortable to hold for everybody, children or adults. And easy to play for long periods of time due to its low weight. The tuning is the most popular for kalimbas, key of G, same as the Alto. The official color of the kalimbas is at the photo above. Light wood with dark bridge.  Dark wood kalimba can be custom ordered if desired. Custom tuning is at no cost though i will need a week to finish the instrument as the instrument and the tines are finely tuned so its not desirable to just change the tines of a ready instrument. Note: If you choose the option without a box, nevertheless  i will ship it inside a plastic box :-) for protection. So that can be used to transport it later.   Check the short video below for a better idea how they look and sound. I am developing also personalized acoustic pickup for the Acoustic Kalimba as it seems the pickups i tried are not at level to transmit the sound properly as it sounds in reality.

Who needs a kalimba?

Kalimbas are for everybody. It is may be the most easy instrument to start making good pleasant sounding music. If you dream for hang drum , try this first. Though different they have some things in common: easy to play,nice meditative sound,light and highly portable. If you have ever struggled like me with a flute for a week, just to be able to  produce a sound, you will appreciate the “power of now” of the kalimbas.

 More kalimba photos

thumb piano     kalimba player

thumb piano bottom part