Acoustic Kalimba or about this project



Kalimba  or the thumb piano, mbira  is a small nice sounding instrument. It is very easy to start playing.  I always marveled at its deceiving simplicity.  Although that there are many options from where to buy one, something  that i always wondered was about the sound. Liked it, but so so. From playing and making other instruments i developed a liking for the instrument to vibrate in my hands and feel alive. That means a well engineered and constructed real resonant box producing harmonic sounds.

Kalimba Sound

I like the acoustics and sustain of the good guitars and similar stringed instruments.  “How wonderful would be to construct  a kalimba  with true acoustic design” i thought.  After many experiments i achieved some understanding . So the Acoustic Kalimba was born. Its is small  and light. Approximately 20cm in diameter. Easy to hold and extremely light 250 to 280 grams. The biggest difference is  the sound. Louder,deeper, clearer, harmonic  and with good sustain.

Kalimbas for Sale

At the sale page you will discover great kalimbas at very acceptable price. I bet you will like them and am sure that you can not find anything similar at this super price.

I am in war with China , Pakistan and others which only copy and don’t invent:-)


Kalimba Information

At these pages you will find instruments carefully crafted by me, information about kalimbas construction and acoustic design and DIY plans if you are  wishing to do one by yourselves. Simple looking things can be deceiving, so the plans are for advanced


I will be very happy to hear from you so please don’t be shy to comment or contact me with questions. Enjoy the music!

kalimba acoustics