The Kalimbas

Round, very light and acoustically engineered for big harmonic sound. The acoustics are of a carefully constructed guitar. That is the main difference from other kalimbas on the market, including the Hugh Tracey Alto. And by that i mean that it has clear, string/piano/bell like sound with good harmonic sustain. And surprising volume and resonance for its size, due to the truly resonant carefully calculated and constructed body and tines.

The first thing people say when they struck the tines is: “Wow, its alive”

kalimba for sale

natural color kalimba , early series


-The physical dimensions are OD ~ 20cm , Height of the body ~ 40mm , weight ~ 280g or less .

-The kalimba is very easy to hold and the easiest instrument to start playing and having fun.

-Small hands and long time playing-no problem, its comfortable and extremely light.

-Meticulously crafted, pleasant not only to the ears but to the eyes . Natural or dark color .

Who needs a kalimba?

-Kalimbas are for everybody.

-The most easy instrument to start making good pleasant sounding music.

-Easy to play,nice meditative sound,light and highly portable.

-If you have ever struggled like me with a flute for a week, just to be able to  produce a sound, you will appreciate “the power of now” of the kalimbas.

-kalimbas are THE  PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION, one very clever way to make a present which is  hand made, inspires creativity and is quite unique

Integral Tuning

The tuning is the most popular for kalimbas. Major scales. From 2014 on , the tuning will be Integral. Means instead of trying to push the notes in the instrument, each instrument will be tuned depending at what note it sounds best usual in the E,F,G,A range. Custom tuning upon request.

Perfectly in Tune

The Kalimbas are LINOTUNE-ed. Dont judge the pitch using cheapo tuners or your telephone tuner apps. Most of them will not pick correctly the pitch. Watch the video about the tuning below.

They leave here no more than +-3cents tuned at 20 degree Celsium.
Wood is wood and some times sound can change a bit. Keep them dry and at 20C

Though a great sounding instrument, its not concert instrument . If you are professional musician, contact me for special order concert kalimba. You guessed right, price will be different.

Natural or Dark wood

Dark wood Kalimbas take more time to make due to the tinting process. Added benefit is that they generally sound slightly better, don’t ask me why. Another benefit is that they are available for same or next day shipping, compared to 2-15 days or sometimes rarely even more for the natural wood color version.


The Acoustic kalimba you will receive is very similar to the pictures! The pictures are for informational purposes only!


Natural Wood color
€ EUR30
  • Best Deal
  • Great Sound & Look
  • Easy to play
  • Integral Tuning+15 notes
  • kalimbas for sale (5)
I want it

Custom Scale Tuned Kalimba

Natural or Dark
€ EUR50
  • Absolute  Deal
  • Awesome Sound & Look
  • Custom Scale Tuning by choice
  • 15 notes

Concert Kalimba

The Musician's Choice
€ EUR149/By order
  • Best Of The Best
  • 15 notes , custom steel hammered tines
  • Chosen from dozens for sound excellence
  • Meticulously reworked
  • tuned octave and perfect fifth
About the price

THIS IS A REDUCED PROMOTIONAL PRICE! Quality is same or better than you can find in many times more expensive instruments!

It takes many hours of crafting. Only the tuning could take 30min to 1 hour and a half.
I struggle to achieve this low price so anybody can permit to try this great instrument. I pushed my vendors to the limit, craft all the parts by myself. There is no middle man, no publicity expenses,etc.

Will appreciate any help by marking me in your favorites, social media, sharing the info! So i can keep this great price.


Shipping & Costs

Worldwide shipping by registered mail with tracking number.

Cost is the same for all countries : 15 €

Properly packed to guarantee nothing happens to it during transport.


There is 2-15 days waiting time after the payment, rarely even more, before i can ship your instrument!

EU orders usually take 5 working days  to arrive , intercontinental take 5-12 working days to arrive

Dark kalimbas ship faster , usually next day!

If your order is very time sensitive,  contact with me to check before buying.

Please be patient, making a good instrument takes time.

About Concert Kalimba

Most of the people go 2 ways. Either buy a concert one or buy for the same money a couple of kalimbas in different tuning.

My advice is to obtain first a normal one, so you could see if the instrument fits you, your liking, style and so on.

Most people prefer to have 5 or even more different kalimbas instead of 1 concert kalimba. Its up to you. Either way i guarantee you will be extremely happy.

Master Musician Kalimba

Do you want to have one of the best kalimbas in the world? I can design it and make it. And beat by half the price of any top kalimba like instrument, which are in the thousands of $

+Best EVER

+Custom Sound

+Custon Notes count

+Custom Look

+Custom Tines

Videos Of The Kalimbas


 Introduction and demonstration  of the thumb pianos


A440 versus A432 Kalimba


Tuning the thumb piano


How to check the tuning properly

Example of custom tuning scale




 More kalimba photos

Click on the kalimba photo gallery  bellow to see some sample of what they look and the level of detail and workmanship. Please note that every wood is unique.  I am constantly developing the instrument design so your kalimba may not look exactly like one of the pictures.

How, where and who makes the kalimbas

I call it Acoustic Kalimba. Its something i designed from scratch.  Though inspired by existing instruments it is not a copy.  Its pure innovation.

I wanted a clear sound, ability to control separately the tuning of the tines and most of all a resonating body that sounds bigger and louder as much as possible for the size.


Hand Made in Spain

Hi there, my name is Boyan . I am currently living and crafting in Spain. I love what i do and   my curiosity leads to constant developing of the musical instruments i make. One of them is the Kalimba.

Though i use some tools for the general shaping of the body of the kalimbas, most of the work is carefully made by hand, so i am proud to call it handmade instrument.


So i started  the design. First i designed the bridge and the tines. Then around them i designed the size, shape and thickness of the top. Many experiments and the correct size to tenth of mm was found. Then i found the best  bottom thickness, the best inside volume and so on. That make the instrument really unique. That is why it feels alive in the hands.

Its a constantly evolving process. I would not bother you with the technical side. Suffice to say that every next kalimba i make is upgrade from the previous one. Something small is changed, something is bettered or a new idea is discovered.  Making hundreds of them definitely helps  understanding the kalimba acoustics.


Tried most of the hardwoods insisting that it should be from hardwood due to durability and visual effect. Guess what, they don’t work. Tried high quality European spruce used in guitar and violin making – same here, not good. The only wood that sounds how i like, loud, clear and with good sustain is Mediterranean pine, so that’s the material i use.


I make it the way i like it to sound. Clear, mellow, with good sustain, bell like, guitar like, piano like. That is why i called it Acoustic.
Other reason to call it Acoustic is that in that given parameters of size/comfortable to play/ i believe i have done the best that can be done to achieve good acoustics and response. I mean technically i understand what i am doing, how to alter any property and how to repeat the result.
Repeat-ability was my main goal and i have done and thrown many kalimbas in the garbage bin until i was comfortable enough even to think that i have achieved some understanding how my kalimba works. Of course at the end everything is limited by size, hand reach, number of tines so some compromises had to be made for the instrument to be truly universal.

The Craft

To achieve my goal of repeat-ability certain steps have to be followed so this is how i do every kalimba:

First of all i have a master kalimba which in my opinion is without any flow in the sound, the way i like it.

Choose the 2 pieces of wood. Every top is carefully chosen from hundreds of pieces not for look but for acoustics. The weight of the top is crucial so its chosen only + or – 10g compared to the top of the master kalimba. Fortunately not so with the bottom, which i fine tune at a later step.

-Wood is baked, dried completely, then let to set to indoor humidity

-The 2 pieces are routed/CNC/ , polished inside and treated with linseed oil from inside before gluing together.

-With a master tines assembly i find the correct point where the assembly should be glued. Its not and exact science, every wood piece is slightly different

-Hardwood bridge, aluminum bridge are glued. Dries 24h. Tines are cut slightly larger, hammered to shape at the end,mounted and tuned. Sound is checked constantly while taking of material from the bottom until the desired sound is achieved. Tines are dismounted, corners polished and the kalimba is fine polished. Tines are mounted again one by one and where necessary hammered again and trimmed to final size. Then again are dismounted.

-Linseed oil is applied and let for 5-6 h to dry on the sun or in drier. Tines are mounted again and the kalimba left for a day in a drier or at sun. 2-3 days the kalimba doesn’t sound right until the linseed oil solidifies and the humidity settles after drying. Again finely re-tuned and ready.

Normally it would take a week to craft one instrument from start to finish..


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Reviews, Feedback & Testimonials


People seem to praise quite high the kalimbas i make. I strive to make something that sounds good, looks good and brings joy.  My thanks to all who support me by choosing my kalimbas!

Here you can see some real life reviews at my Etsy  shop.

Below some randomly chosen from the  emails i receive from happy people :

Hey Boyan,
I received my Kalimba and I’m very very happy! It really sounds amazing and beautiful.
Very good handwork! I am very happy that it is handmade and we had a personal exchange!
Would love to support your work – maybe I record a few audio files and send you a little video?
So you can advertise your Kalimba with it, if you like it?
All the best, mate! Keep up the great work!

Boyan brate, the kalimbas arrived well and they sound really good. Thank you for the gift wrapping!

All the best,


Bogdan Constantinescu

Hello, I received the Kalimba today. it’s perfect. Thank you very much


Ivanne Musset

  • Natural Wood Color Kalimba Likes 35%
  • Dark Color Kalimba Likes 65%
  • Natural Wood Kalimba Purchased 65%
  • Dark kalimba Purchaced 35%
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  • Boyans kalimbas

    Boyan is a really dedicated guy and make beautiful kalimbas. keep going on!”
    - Georgi Panev

    dark kalimba

    WOW, surprisingly well made instrument for the money! I love it!”
    - Maria Mintcheva

    Acoustic Kalimba, 15 key, G , Diatonic , Key of G, Not Hugh Tracey, Proper harmonic design,Mbira,Thu

    An awesome kalimba. I own over 20 kalimbas and this is one of the best. I love it.”
    - unkie51
  • Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 3 reviews